30 sty 2011

5. The Shadoks pump

Under the direction of professor Shadoko the Shadoks were building the rocket. But there was a small problem - Shadoks' fuel wasn't powerful enough.

Professor Shadoko made a plan to steal the fuel from the Gibis.

Professor Shadoko: That's easy - in order to get COSMOGOL, all we need to do is pump it. And we will pump it with the help of my invention, the COSMOGOL pump which has an incredible strength of 3 million Shadok-watts of steam.

So the entire Shadok population started pumping... and pumping... and pumping...

They pumped with joy, they pumped with glee. But all in vain -  COSMOGOL was slow in appearing.

There was something awry with professor Shadoko's plan. But what? 

4. The Shadoks and the mysterious disappearance of COSMOGOL

On the planet Shadok the Shadoks were also trying to build a rocket. They were a little bit behind with everything and professor Shadoko was worried. He was observing the progress of Gibis' rocket...

Not long after on the planet Gibi the COSMOGOL factory suddenly stopped. The amount of COSMOGOL fell mysteriously to zero!

By what villainiousness did the Shadoks manage to annihilate the reserves of COSMOGOL and reduce the rocket to impotence?

29 sty 2011

3. Gibis and COSMOGOL 999

The Gibis were sweet little animals with a little hat on their heads, so they could say "hello". They were very very intelligent.

To go to the Earth they built a rocket. It was powered by a super combustible fuel, COSMOGOL 999. Once there was enough fuel, the rocket could leave.

What was that miracle fuel? Where did they get it from?

As you know, the planet Gibi was completely flat. If you dug a hole, you fell through the other side. Therefore the Gibis couldn't extract the fuel from the ground, otherwise the planet would be like a sieve.

The Gibis extracted COSMOGOL from the atmosphere. The fuel was collected by enormous tubes and then pumped with atmosphere pumps. By a secret procedure the Gibi extracted pure COSMOGOL, so called first pressing COSMOGOL, one time refined, concentrated & enriched gave the famous COSMOGOL 999 which propelled the Gibi rocket.

But could the Gibis produce enough COSMOGOL to arrive on the Earth before the awful Shadoks?...

2. The Shadoks and the Gibi decide to move to Earth. But it's not that simple...

The shadoks looked like birds. They had beaks and long legs, but their wings where ridiculously tiny.

In the beginning the Shadoks laid normal eggs. But because of their long legs, the eggs kept breaking. Therefore the Shadoks started laying iron eggs.

There are 2 types of eggs. Eggs with legs on the bottom and eggs with legs on the top. Those eggs were sent to the other side of the planet.

On the whole, the Shadoks were pretty evil creatures

So the Shadoks wanted to move to Earth. Unfortunately, all their efforts to get there on their tiny wings didn't go too well.

1. Once upon a time there was sky...

On the left side of the sky there was planet Shadok. It didn't have a particular shape, or rather... it changed shape.

On the right side of the sky there was planet Gibi. It was completely flat and tilted from one side to another.

In the middle there was the Earth - round and moving. Apparently there was nothing on the Earth.

On the planet Gibi lived the Gibis.

When there were too many of them on one side of the planet, the planet tilted and the Gibis were sliding and falling off. Which was quite embarrassing, especially for the Gibis.

On the planet Shadok lived 2 types of Shadoks:
- Shadoks with legs on the bottom, living on the top of the planet
- Shadoks with legs on the top, living on the bottom of the planet - responsible for supporting the planet

Because the planet Shadok kept changing its shape, the Shadoks kept falling off. Which was quite embarrassing, especially for the Shadoks.

Eventually the Shadoks and the Gibis decided, that they had enough of living on their uncomfy planets and made up their mind to go to Earth, which seemed a much better option.