29 sty 2011

3. Gibis and COSMOGOL 999

The Gibis were sweet little animals with a little hat on their heads, so they could say "hello". They were very very intelligent.

To go to the Earth they built a rocket. It was powered by a super combustible fuel, COSMOGOL 999. Once there was enough fuel, the rocket could leave.

What was that miracle fuel? Where did they get it from?

As you know, the planet Gibi was completely flat. If you dug a hole, you fell through the other side. Therefore the Gibis couldn't extract the fuel from the ground, otherwise the planet would be like a sieve.

The Gibis extracted COSMOGOL from the atmosphere. The fuel was collected by enormous tubes and then pumped with atmosphere pumps. By a secret procedure the Gibi extracted pure COSMOGOL, so called first pressing COSMOGOL, one time refined, concentrated & enriched gave the famous COSMOGOL 999 which propelled the Gibi rocket.

But could the Gibis produce enough COSMOGOL to arrive on the Earth before the awful Shadoks?...

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