30 sty 2011

5. The Shadoks pump

Under the direction of professor Shadoko the Shadoks were building the rocket. But there was a small problem - Shadoks' fuel wasn't powerful enough.

Professor Shadoko made a plan to steal the fuel from the Gibis.

Professor Shadoko: That's easy - in order to get COSMOGOL, all we need to do is pump it. And we will pump it with the help of my invention, the COSMOGOL pump which has an incredible strength of 3 million Shadok-watts of steam.

So the entire Shadok population started pumping... and pumping... and pumping...

They pumped with joy, they pumped with glee. But all in vain -  COSMOGOL was slow in appearing.

There was something awry with professor Shadoko's plan. But what? 

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